Face Sitting Fun!

A moment for us to recognise the wonderful Wand for its contribution to female happiness, wellbeing and satisfaction! Truly, a girl’s best friend! Originally manufactured for relaxing sore muscles, wily females everywhere discovered it was excellent for relieving that building tension!
This gif has been altered by persons unknown and, I might add, altered badly. Still, we get the idea!
Original Source: Femdom Empire.

Chastity Tease


She is relentless. See all the pics & video here!




High Cut Kingdom by Murasaki Nyaa

Baroness and Baron


Teased & Denied

Origin unknown.


Using the wand to tease him while she enjoys herself! Sneaky!
(Origin Unknown)




Now, this is definitely from Femdom Empire

Origin Unknown.


The Last Resort

She’s demanding attention!
(From Female Worship)

He can’t do it! She has to go for the wand!
(From Female Worship)