Using the wand to tease him while she enjoys herself! Sneaky!
(Origin Unknown)




Now, this is definitely from Femdom Empire

Origin Unknown.


The Last Resort

She’s demanding attention!
(From Female Worship)

He can’t do it! She has to go for the wand!
(From Female Worship)

Femdom Art

Murasaki Nyaa – High Cut Kingdom

Chaste Husband

Diary of a Chaste Husband

When Lachlan and Amanda sold the business they had been building up for the twenty years of their marriage, they found they had time to experiment with submissive Lachlan’s chastity fetish.

In their new holiday home in Italy, Amanda takes tease and denial to a new level!

For Lachlan his fantasies became reality and there was nothing he could do about it! All his fantasies – FemDom, chastity belt, denial, cuckold – came true!

“…perhaps the finest novel to explore the dynamics of a loving and experimental D/s couple!”

Originally published as a series of five books in 2009/2010 at €9.00 each, the individual books are now consolidated into this one volume.


Diary of a Chaste Husband – Available now from the bookshop!


6 Days only remaining!


A rather innovative approach!


Newlyweds discover a trunk of bondage toys in the attic of their new house. Who put the toys there and why does the blushing bride know so much about BDSM?

Originally published as 3 books – now combined into 1 volume.


Toys – Available now for instant download after purchase!


Chastity Tease

Sentenced to Chastity.

Imagine a future where the prisons are so overcrowded that home confinement becomes the norm for those convicted of white-collar crime. Imagine if this punishment is seen as soft and that legislation is passed to allow Judges to become rather creative with their sentencing.Human nature being what it is, the Judges would become competitive to see who could be the most creative.

Don is convicted of illegal tax avoidance and Judge Bluestone sentences him to one year of complete home confinement and to one year of chastity – both sentences to be served concurrently.

A year! Don discovers that Sandy, his long suffering wife, doesn’t appear to be overflowing with sympathy.

It’s going to be a long, long year.


Sentenced to Chastity – Available for instant download after purchase.


Christmas Day: Gifts?

Gifts under the tree?