Morning Swim

Members of the Plymouth Ladies and 7 o’clock Regulars Swimming Club arrive on motorbikes for their swim on Christmas morning, 1921.

Leg Adoration

New York Disco, 1979 by American photographer Bill Bernstein

Historical Fetish Art

Another illustration created for L’Infernale Dominatrice (J.Van Styk) 1935

Regal Queen

Cruel Cartoon

Read Carmenica’s Interview with Augustine.

Historical Femdom

From A Genoux Esclave by Jim Galding (1935). Illustration by Wighead

Elegant Erotica



Berlin by Marianne Breslauer 1930’s

Classical Women

A Kiss by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema 1891

After the Bath by Károly Lotz 1880

A Thorn Amidst the Roses by James Sant 1887