Suzy Parker, 1955.
Suzy Parker’s photo appeared in Life magazine when she was 15. Parker was the first model to earn $200 per hour and $100,000 per year. Her first film role was in 1957, her last role was in a 1970 episode of Night Gallery. She did, in a way, make one other film “appearance” in The Beatles’ 1970 documentary film Let It Be, in which the band performed their song “Suzy Parker”. The song, one of the few credited as written by all four Beatles, was part of their Academy Award-winning score for the original songs they performed in the film. Suzy Parker died in 2003. Her husband, Bradford Dillman died this year, aged 87.

Secret Polaroids

Carlo Mollino
A huge collection of erotic polaroids taken by Mollino were discovered after his death. Each image was carefully composed with costumes, furniture and backdrops reflecting Mollino’s refined aesthetic.
He was once credited as saying, “Everything is permissible as long as it is fantastic.” That credo was certainly reflected throughout his body of work. Mollino’s architecture and furniture are famous for their ability to enable occupants to manipulate volumes at a whim.

Femdom Command

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Oral Servitude

Michael Manning
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Parisian Brothels

In 1975, Alexandre Dupouy received a call from a bookseller friend who said that he had an old gentleman with “something special to show him.” What he had was a luxury car with a trunk full of black-and-white photographs of naked and smiling prostitutes from the 1930s. He explained that he took most of the pictures in a brothel on the Rue Pigalle. Given that he could feel his days were numbered, the old man agreed to part with the pictures as long as he could remain anonymous. That man became known as “Monsieur X.”
Monsieur X must have been close, friendly, and generous with the ladies. What is amazing is that the girls seem very relaxed in the pictures—they are actually having fun.
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Retro Erotica

Erotica from yesteryear. Apparently, this is from a spoof of the popular movie 9 to 5. It starred Loni Sanders.
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I really should do a thesis on the history of vintage fashion as depicted in erotic films! 🙂

Last Winter

Well, why not? You must give them credit for thinking outside the square!

And she looks like she is enjoying the experience. Him? Perhaps, not so much. Although, it is difficult to tell. 🙂

Femdom Girdles


In Paris

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