Tan Lines

Photograph by Sam Haskins


Photograph by the legendary Sam Haskins for Playboy 1978.
A little early vajazzling.


Doll Face by Sam Haskins


Sam Haskins

Sam Haskins

Sam Haskins

Sam Haskins.

Sunday: Sam Haskins

Sam Haskins.

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Sam Haskins.

Haskins is best known for his contribution to nude photography, in-camera image montage, and his books, the most influential of which were Five Girls (1962), Cowboy Kate (1964) and Haskins Posters (1973).

Cowboy Kate & Other Stories (1964) was probably the first book to deliberately explore black-and-white photographic grain as a medium for expression and image design.

It was highly influential at the time, sold roughly a million copies worldwide and won the Prix Nadar in France in 1964. It continues to influence contemporary photographers, film makers, fashion designers and make-up artists.

Cowboy Kate & Other Stories or ‘Kate‘ as the book is often referred to, had its place in photographic history cemented in 2005 when the International Center of Photography in New York included the book in their exhibition The Open Book: A History of the Photographic Book from 1878 to the Present.

I had the good fortune to meet him once. It was, I believe in 2000 when he was shooting for Vogue. I have met many photographers but he impressed me by his warmth and obvious interest in people and life. He had some difficulty with, I think, my accent (perhaps it was the beginning of a hearing problem for him) but we muddled through. It seemed he and his wife were genuinely interested in my opinion which, as I was young, was flattering.

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