Eye Contact

A crackling fire, soft jazz in the background (yes, I’m imagining the music) and eye contact – what could be sexier? I don’t know the origin of this and, by the way, she has gorgeous hair! *sigh* Hair envy again!

Kitchen Fun

In the kitchen? Really? Where somebody cooks? I noticed she’s wearing gloves but is prepared to peg him on the cooking surface! What sort of logic is that?
I have a little hair envy again. Blonde hair is impossible for me. And my grandmother would have disapproved of the chewing gum! (Origin unknown)

Bondage & Strap-On

I assume that is a cane of some description in her mouth? Sometimes, I envy those hair styles. Perhaps, I envy more the courage. I would not have the courage to go that short. (Origin unknown.)


Photograph by Dahmane Benanteur

Long hair

Woman with Long Hair (Jacqueline Goddard) by Man Ray

Marc Van Dalen

Marc Van Dalen

Marc is a photographer based in Hamburg & Berlin, Germany.


Doutzen Kroes

More fur. This time wrapped around Doutzen Kroes to advertise perfume.

It’s not her fault but a picture of her always brings on an attack of pure hair envy!


Tuesday: 5 of 6

Natasha Poly & Mariacarla Boscono by Willy Vanderperre for W March 2011.