American Drag Queen

Violet Chachki in a dominating Valentine’s Day.
Violet Chachki is the stage name of Paul Jason Dardo.

Long Legs

Olivier Ledroit is a French comic book artist.

Femdom Leather Gloves

Firm Femdom Strap-On

Source: Femdom Empire.
Afraid I can’t recall the names of the participants.

Walking my Baby …

We go along harmonizing a song,
Or I’m reciting a poem.
Owls go by and they give me the eye,
Walking my baby back home.

(Walking my Baby back home – Ahlert & Turk)
Source of picture unknown

BDSM Art from 1936

Illustration for Mlle Cinglade (1936) by Marilac (Mario Laboccetta)

Latex Diva

The one and only Bianca Beauchamp

In Control

I do like the selection of outfit! I’ll even forgive shoes on the bed!
And those knickers look comfortable!
Source: Femme Fatale Films