Teasing Chamber

Crack It!

Crack it! by Frans Mensink

CFNM Femdom

Origin unknown.

Latex Lady

Lady Electra is a professional dominatrix based in Cologne.





Strap-On Saturday

Let’s get physical! Yes, lets! It’s Strap-On Saturday!(Gif origin unknown)
Carmenica’s Musical Bonus

Bouncy Bed

Fetish Art

Fetish art produced by Eric Stanton for Irving Klaw.
Klaw called himself the Pin-Up King and was a merchant of sexploitation, fetish, and Hollywood glamour pin-up photographs and films. Klaw died in 1966, Stanton in 1999.

CFNM Femdom

Source: Tyrannized

Nylon Miss

Miss Mosh photographed by Jim Weathers