At Sea

Go for It!

Monkey Business

Marcello Dudovich
I have only one question – who keeps a pet monkey and allow it to roam the house?
Carmenica’s Musical Bonus


Pierre Lancelot
For those who don’t read magazines, Causette is a monthly French magazine for women.

Catwoman Triumphant!

That’s the only type of Batman movie I would go and see! Not a fan of blockbuster superhero type waste of time movies. However, I did have secret fantasies about Catwoman when I was younger. Those reruns were funny.
Carmenica’s Vintage Bonus


Last Winter

Well, why not? You must give them credit for thinking outside the square!

And she looks like she is enjoying the experience. Him? Perhaps, not so much. Although, it is difficult to tell. 🙂

Quiet Game of Pool

There is a video of the game. Watch some of it here!

She Can’t Help Herself