Forced Femme

Ms Bond

Julian willingly falls under the spell of the enigmatic Ms Bond. Initially her personal assistant, Julian is slowly transformed by the woman he adores. Continue reading

Extreme Games


MistressT. in action.



Extreme Games

Peyton Palmer is rich with very kinky tastes!
Unfortunately for her straying husband Ben, she is used to getting exactly what she wantsAnd she wants Ben punished and under her control!
A Forced into Stockings tale in 2 volumes with twists and turns!


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Carry-On Baggage


Cross-Dressing Art


J.B. Hopkings.

More of the many examples sent to me by Suburbansub.


The Secretary

Forced into Stockings:

The Secretary

Hayden is in deep trouble and on the run from a moneylender he has double crossed. Luckily for Hayden, his friend Nigel has a fantastic idea for escape! Continue reading