Under Her Heel

I have been assured this is from Divine Bitches


Three collections of female domination stories about very wicked wives!
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Vintage Leg Fetish

Elmer Batters
As a foot-fetish pioneer starting in the 1950s, Batters helped make this formerly closeted field of sexual interest more acceptable. Near the end of his life, Batters was rediscovered by German publisher Benedikt Taschen who produced three books of his work.
Batters’ military career is mentioned briefly in the out-of-print nonfiction book The Lonely Sky by test pilot William Bridgeman. This book tells the story of the U.S. Navy’s experimental Skyrocket supersonic plane program of the 1950s.

Duster Slave

Charisma Gold forces her sissy maid to use the duster on her friend’s shoes! Gasp!

Foot Slave

Lady Barbara
The cute puppy watches with disdain.

Mistress & Slave

Femdom art by Sardax
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Foot Slave

Sorry, I just can’t get over the chair! The chair could be on this list!

Source: Mean Girls

Popsicle Toes

If he has intentions beyond her feet, he should shave first!
Source: Leg Sex
Carmenica’s Musical Bonus



I don’t know the origins of this but suspect it is a still photograph from a stage production. Perhaps the regular theatre goers amongst us can assist?