Leather Femdom Fashionista

Origin Unknown.

Latex Gloves

Photo by Raymond Kerrin Larum.

Too Sad

Irving Klaw, self-named the “Pin-up King,” was an influential American merchant of sexploitation, fetish, and Hollywood glamour pin-up photographs and films.
Early Klaw fetish models included Bettie Page.
Inspired by John Willie, Klaw also commissioned and distributed illustrated adventure/bondage chapter serials by fetish artists Eric Stanton, Gene Bilbrew and others,

Femdom Diva



This is a stylish photo. Don’t know the name of the photographer.
Do we agree the photo is of two males?

Sexy Latex

Shiny latex & glossy nylons – sexy photograph by Jim Weathers

Sexy Latex

Berlin based fetish model Luciana Lou.


That just looks uncomfortable. I assume painful, even. (Origin unknown)