Ice Cream

Fantasy Art

Xarcturus with the voluptuous redhead Aileen again.

Fairy Fantasy

Pink fairy footstool by kirgen71

Surreal Bride

Femdom Art

Couldn’t identify the artist. Can you?

Seductive Mermaids

L’Enticement de L’Ondine by Leo Fontan.
Born in 1884, Leo Fontan collaborated with many newspapers such as The Parisian Life , The Smile and Fantasio. He also drew posters and designed sets for the Folies Bergère. He designed furniture and the decoration of cruise ships including Aramis in 1931. Fontan died in 1965.

Lesbian Fantasy Fun

Fantasy Worship

Xarcturus mostly draws a voluptuous redhead named Aileen. Like this one with a mini-satyr.

Surreal Moment