O. M. G!

Once you see it, you can’t un-see it!
Source:Evil Angel

Medical Therapy

Source: CFNM Europe

Dinner Time

She does appear pleased with herself. I suppose she has got him in an awkward and uncomfortable position for dinner! Source: Pantyhose Supremacy


Fetch by Shpanktank

Chaste Hubby

He waits while she gets ready to enjoy herself. Very appropriate for Diary of a Chaste Husband.
(Origin unknown)





Slave Inspection

She approaches her property!

I think we can agree, this is stylishly erotic?

Perhaps from a movie?
Do like her ear-rings.

I would like to know the origins of this series. Perhaps you can help?

And he remains expressionless!

She Couldn’t Wait

Worship Chair

Femdom Camera