Crawling to Submission

Lesson of submissiveness by kirgen71
And the elephant trunk is up! Good luck for her! Or, maybe it’s his elephant.

American Drag Queen

Violet Chachki in a dominating Valentine’s Day.
Violet Chachki is the stage name of Paul Jason Dardo.

Ménage à Trois

Femdom Leather Gloves

Humiliating Experience in the Waiting Room

As you know, it’s very common for this to occur in waiting rooms!
Zoe Davis, Chessie Kay, Hannah Shaw & nameless naked man from Pure CFNM

Hentai Baby

Looks like a case of forced Paraphilic infantilism! 🙂
Artist & Origin Unknown.

Firm Femdom Strap-On

Source: Femdom Empire.
Afraid I can’t recall the names of the participants.

Femdom Strap Attack

From the delightfully named Strapattackers