Cyberwoman 6 by Helmut Newton, 2000.
In his later life, Newton lived in both Monte Carlo and Los Angeles, California. He was in an accident on 23 January 2004, when his car sped out of control and hit a wall in Sunset Boulevard, coming out from the Chateau Marmont Hotel, which had for several years served as his residence in Southern California. He died at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. His ashes are buried three plots down from the grave of Marlene Dietrich at the Städtischer Friedhof III in Berlin.

Classic Hollywood

Jean Harlow, 1934.
It has been said I have an obsession with classic film.

Marlene Dietrich in Seven Sinners, 1940.
Looking stunningly androgynous.

Lauren Bacall, 1945
Fashion model turned actor.

Rita Hayworth, 1940, wearing a gown by the incredible Robert Kalloch

Marlene Dietrich

Marlene Dietrich.

Publicity still for The Song of Songs; 1933.

Marlene Dietrich.

With lover, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., and husband, Rudy, at the premiere of The Garden of Allah in London, 1936.

Friday: 5 of 6

Marlene Dietrich and her daughter Maria photographed by Josef von Sternberg in 1931.

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Photographer John Dietrich has a web page here.

Tuesday: 2 of 6

Marlene Dietrich photographed by Irving Penn.

Thursday: 2 of 6

Marlene Dietrich in a wonderful colour photograph. It seems strange that a woman who died in 1992 has an official website. It is interesting and any Marlene fan could spend hours there.

Sunday: Post 2 of 6 – Kulturschlag

Marlene Dietrich photographed by Eugene Robert Richee.

Sunday: Post 7 of 8 – Kulturschlag

Marlene Dietrich shows a leg as she returns home to New York City via the Queen Elizabeth cruise ship. Marlene made more than 500 appearances before American troops overseas.