Vintage Pose

Andre de Dienes will always be remembered as one of the first photographers to photograph Marilyn Monroe but he was more than that. Dienes also photographed such notable actors as Elizabeth Taylor, Marlon Brando, Henry Fonda, Shirley Temple, Ingrid Bergman, Ronald Reagan, Jane Russell, Anita Ekberg and Fred Astaire.

Sensual Wind

Photo by Andre de Dienes. He was noted for his work with Marilyn Monroe and his nude photography.
”De Dienes took many of the Monroe’s most famous early photographs as ‘Norma Jeane,”‘ including those of her climbing a hillside in khakis and green sweater, and sitting on the highway, as well as the shots on Tobay Beach in August 1949. … Those pictures of Marilyn in a bathing suit recall the art picture, but they also subvert the pinup, in being far more active, playful, even romping, than the usually static pinup girl.” (Sarah Churchwell)

Vintage Pin-Up

Lois Bishop photographed by Edmund Leja in 1948.

A leading pioneer in the fields of glamour, pin-ups, nudes and erotica, Edmund Leja photographed over 200 models between the 1940s and the early 1980s.
For his artistic figure work, Leja often preferred the great outdoors, just like one of his colleagues, Andre de Dienes. Based in West Hollywood and Studio City, at the heart of the early Southern California nude photography industry, de Dienes and Leja shared several model contacts. They both photographed many models including Playmate of the Month Diane Webber.

Double Vision

Vintage Beach

Pantyhose on a beach? Oh well, different times. Photo by Andre de Dienes
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Vintage Nude

Andre de Dienes


Vintage Nudes

Andre de Dienes.

Photographer remembers Marilyn Monroe

Andre de Dienes

Andre de Dienes

Thursday: Andre de Dienes

Andre de Dienes.

In recent years, Andre de Dienes’ photography has received overdue critical attention from a variety of sources.

In 2002, Taschen published an 848-page two-volume monograph titled Marilyn, noting “his original, inspired style” and how de Dienes “soon built up a huge portfolio of stunning photographs of the smiling brunette which helped to launch her model career and, a few years later, a film career that was to make her a legend.”

A new exhibition, entitled “André de Dienes: Marilyn and California Girls,” opened June 9, 2016 at the Steven Kasher Gallery in New York City, representing the first solo show of photographer Andre de Dienes in New York in over ten years. (Read more)