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Diary of a Chaste Husband, a series of five novels first published in 2010/2011 is considered by some as, perhaps, my finest novel to explore the dynamics of a loving and experimental D/s couple. It has chastity, domination, tease, denial and cuckolding as well as romance.

The five novels are now consolidated into one e-book with a little revision as well.

Originally published at €9.00 each (€45.00 total), the consolidated and revised e-book now sells for €40.00.

However, for two weeks only, this e-book is now available for €32.00!

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Final Volume in Diary of a Chaste Husband Published!

Well, all good things come to an end and it was time to complete this very popular series.

Things come to a head as Amanda forces Lachlan to listen as she reveals the truth of their relationship to their close circle of friends. In a civilised manner, of course. And then, the fantasy becomes very real and there is another event that shifts that modifies the relationship even further.

As I said, this is the concluding volume in this series, although a sequel may appear sometime in the future if there is a demand for it. As you will see from the end of the book, there are many possibilities of further stories but simply do not want to bore you with more tales of Amanda and Lachlan if there is no interest.

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Diary of a Chaste Husband: Book V    (33,642 words)   

If you are new to this series, search tags for Diary of a Chaste Husband  for previews and previous comments. Continue reading

Thoughts on Diary of a Chaste Husband

Book 5 is nearing completion and, at this stage, will be the final book in this series.

Do have a few thoughts about a future sequel but  will wait to see what the response from readers is. No point writing a sequel if no one wants it.

Here is a small taste of Book 5, the opening pages, in fact, setting the scene for what follows. Continue reading

Current Writing Projects – What I am working on

Just a little note to let you know what the focus is at the moment.

Completing Book 5 in Diary of a Chaste Husband.

Thought this would be the final in this series and, in a way, it will be. However, there is the possibility of one further book, a sequel, set a year after Book 5 ends. Interested to know your thoughts on that.

Working on  A Different Marriage – December.

Have returned to this (promised I would) and it is flowing easily. Hopefully, if all goes well with the unreliable muse, this will be published in May.

And another cruel, hard, Forced into Stockings: Cruel Revenge.

Don’t know if this will be finished but it is amusing to write.

Also toying with two transgender stories. One is quite long and have already written in excess of 70,000 words.

That’s what my focus is at the moment.

Comments and Work in Progress

Just been reading all the comments regarding the Chaste Husband Series. It seems the overwhelming thought is that the series should continue and so have begun Book 5.

At this stage, not sure if the series will finally end with this book or just leave a possibility for a sequel. Time will tell.

Erotic Episodes - coming soon!The next book to be published will be entitled Erotic Episodes. It is a collection of new short stories in the style of Dominant Women, Dominant Wives books.

The stories written so far for Erotic Episodes include, Acceptance, Bruised, Biological Urges, A Script for Wednesday, Wanting, Due Respect, The Visit & Maid. The stories all F/m except for one which is F/f – romance and there may be one further story if time permits.

Have received many emails from readers wanting more short stories so hope this will satisfy those requests. Not sure if the book will be published just as an e-book or paperback as well.

Work in Progress: Sneak Preview: Chaste Husband 4

As we stood in the foyer of our home, waiting for the taxi, I tried again.

‘I’m…I’m extremely nervous about this,’ I mumbled.

Amanda rummaged in her handbag. ‘Where are the passports…ah, there. Good.’

She snapped the handbag shut. Continue reading

Sneak Preview – Chaste Husband 4

‘I’m afraid we can not,’ Amanda said firmly. ‘We have to drive up to Simon’s school. It’s Parent’s Day.’

‘That’ll be nice,’ Lauren said.

‘Yes,’ Amanda said, ‘it will be.’

‘Who is Simon?’ Becky asked and I saw Amanda’s eyes grow cold.

‘Simon is Amanda’s and Lachlan’s son,’ Terrence said hurriedly. ‘I’ve told you before, darling.’

‘How old is your son?’ Beck asked, oblivious to the dangerous ground she was treading on.

‘He will be seventeen this year,’ Amanda answered.

Seventeen! Wow!’ Becky said, eyes wide and I saw Amanda’s fixed smile slip. ‘How old were you, Amanda, when you had…’

‘I was twelve!’ Amanda snapped and abruptly stood up. ‘Unfortunately, we must get an early night so it’s time for us to leave. Come along, Lachlan!’

With a regretful glance at my half finished wine, I stood up.

‘Was she really twelve?’ I heard Becky ask.

‘For god’s sake,’ Lauren snapped, ‘it was a god damn joke! Jesus!’ Lauren also stood up. ‘I’d better go as well. I’ll tell them to put this on my account.’

‘Lauren,’ Oliver half heartedly protested, there’s no need…’

‘If there isn’t,’ she said and I saw Amanda smile, ‘you can always pay, Olly.’

The three of us walked away.

‘I’m going to strangle that silly girl one of these days,’ Lauren said as we collected our coats. ‘I’ll just grab her skinny little throat so pull me off her before I do any real damage!’

‘Must we?’ Amanda said as I helped her into her fur coat.

We all laughed.