Miz Berlin 2 by AleX00XelA

Smell Torture

Breathing Lessons by Coxbones


Living in a Fast lane by Ingo Sommer



Interrogation of a Foreign Spy by Ozor Nick

Femdom Teasing

Femdom Strap-On Cartoon

The Pleasure

Boy Toy

Alexander Minier, also known as B0NF1R3 on DeviantArt.

Red Latex

Baroness Pistor by Kassandra Leigh Purcell, model/fetish photographer. She devises some wonderful self-portraits and other creations.
For those who werenโ€™t aware, the Wanda von Dunajew character in Venus in Furs by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch was modelled on Fanny Pistor.
In 1869, Sacher-Masoch and Baroness Fanny Pistor signed a contract making him her slave for a period of six months, with the stipulation that the Baroness wear furs as often as possible, especially when she was in a cruel mood. Sacher-Masoch took the alias of “Gregor”, a servant’s name, and assumed a disguise as the servant of the Baroness. The two travelled by train to Italy. Read more