Vintage Enema Art

Julie Delcourt. (Possibly the pseudonym for Richard Hegemann).

Three’s a Crowd…

Julie Delcourt. (Rumoured to be the pseudonym for Richard Hegemann).


Flashback Monday: Julie Delcourt

Julie Delcourt.

(Found by Suburbansub).

Friday: 4 of 6

Julie Delcourt art found by Suburbansub.

Thursday: 1 of 6

Suburbansub and I have had a little discussion about the art of Julie Delcourt. Subsequently, he has sent me quite a few and will include them soon.
He did send me this particular one but I had it already in the queue. Great minds and all of that! 🙂

Friday: 2 of 6

Vintage enema art. I’m afraid I am sure of the artist’s identity.

Monday: 1 of 6

Strap-On Saturday: 2 of 6

Julie Delcourt did not have a lot of black and white work.
Watercolour wash was her style of choice.

Strap-On Saturday: 5 of 6

Like this very much. It has the same sensibility as Frollo but is, I am told, by Julie Delcourt, a German artist of the past who had a fascination with enjoyment of enemas and such.
My only concern with the work where there are males, that the males involved appear to be very young. There are some desires I do not promote or even recognise as harmless fetishes.

Still, it is a lovely watercolour for Strap-On Saturday, yes?