House of Taboo

House of Taboo.

“…adventurously enter the House of Taboo, where master erotic photographer Denys Defrancesco and his inventive crews bring to life the sinister edge of eroticism that few people discuss, but everybody wonders about!”

I have not heard of this site before but, as you all know, I live a very sheltered life. I did find the description of the site to be amusing, though.

“in the House of Taboo you are not only entertained, but you are taken to new places in your own psyche as you discover fantasies you never thought of…”

Still, red latex never disappoints, does it.

House of Taboo

The Humiliation of Claudia

Claudia had it all; almost the perfect life and then a female colleague discovered her secret.

Suddenly, Claudia’s world was turned upside down as she’s blackmailed into many humiliating positions.


The Humiliation of Claudia – Available for immediate download after purchase!