Bookshop News: Decline and Fall Book 4

Decline and Fall – Book 4.

The final book in this short gothic and supernatural  FemDom series is now available! Decline and Fall 4 offers a conclusion (or does it) to this strange story. (22, 100 words €8.00 – Discount for newsletter subscribers)

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Bookshop News: Decline and Fall Book 3 Published!

 Book 3 Now Available.

Lenore leaned closer to Sebastian. She felt warm and sexy. Her bald kitty felt sensitive and tingly.

They were seated a booth in a very famous restaurant. Simply walking into the restaurant had, for Lenore, been an amazing experience. The other diners were representatives of the rich and famous but Sebastian and Lenore’s booth was in the corner, away from prying eyes.

They had met for lunch, then visited a gallery followed by a jewellery shop where Sebastian bought Lenore an elegant gold bracelet which she now wore on her left wrist.

Now, they were dining in the famous restaurant and only moments away from returning to the townhouse where Sebastian had said he would stay the night!

In Lenore’s bed!

Where Paul would find them!

Paul finds himself in increasingly humilating positions with Adele as his self-control slips away! Adele makes sure Paul has a devil of a time!

Decline and Fall – Book 3 – now published €8.00!
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Bookshop News: Decline & Fall 2

Paul is caught in the web spun by Adele while Lenore is becoming more involved with Sebastian.
It is a puzzling time for Paul as he struggles to understand exactly what is happening!
Adele is training Paul and Lenore is fantasising about Sebastian, justifying her desire for him by remembering that Paul had virtually signed her away! (21,051 words)

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Decline & Fall – Bookshop News

 Paul Weaver is in trouble! His business has failed and he now faces the possibility of prison! His beautiful wife, Lenore is not impressed but Paul is thrown a lifeline by a mysterious and very wealthy man!

However, Paul soon discovers that all is not what it first seems!

A tale over four books with many twists and turns.  (22,369 words, €8.00)

Decline and Fall, Book 1 is now available.

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Preview of Book 1

Paul Weaver was sweating!

He glanced nervously at his wife as the elevator rose upwards. Lenore seemed calm to any observer but Paul knew she was anxious. He could tell by her eyes.

As the car stopped on each floor on its journey to the very top of the Oak Building and, as people moved in and out of the lift, Paul felt each stop was another step closer to hell.

Was it hell or simply death and ruin? That was close enough to a description of hell in this lifetime. Continue reading