BookShop News: Dancing Barefoot Released

I have published the second lesbian romance book under my
other name of Jacqueline Pouliot.

Dancing Barefoot has been available on iBooks and other internet
providers for a month or two  and has been warmly received.

As this is a historical lesbian romance, I do not expect a reaction
from the readers on this site  but publish it here as a record of all
my work.

“A wonderful historical lesbian romance, set in England during the 1950s.
Young Bridey Owen, a girl from the Liverpool slums is studying to be a
doctor when she meets the extravagant and wild Lady Charlotte Foxworth!
Charlie Foxworth is used to getting what she wants but is afraid of her mother.
Bridey is a little overwhelmed when she visits the grand house and is
equally overwhelmed by Charlie’s advances.
Dancing Barefoot follows the times of the 1960s in London as
Bridey Owen discovers what is important in life!”

Dancing Barefoot (€5.00  64,978 words)
If you do enjoy lesbian romance and wish to purchase a PDF, go HERE. (Please refresh your browser).
If you prefer the book in epub format, you will have to hunt for it on iBooks.

 Brief Preview


My first months at university were quite dark and horrible, cold and lonely. Simply awful. Continue reading