Disco Retro

Disco Porn from a vintage edition of Oui Magazine.
Carmenica’s Musical Bonus

Ballet Class

Humiliation art by Voloh.
When I was attending ballet classes many years ago, there were no boys. Of course, when I danced in a company there was a rather tall ballerino. Some of the girls would joke they would get nose bleeds during a lift in Pas de Deux. No nosebleeds for me but he was very tall.

The Muse with Geniuses

Tanaquil Le Clercq with Corrado Cagli, Vittorio Rieti and George Balanchine. Photo by Irving Penn, 1948.
Tanaquil was a French ballet dancer and principal dancer with the New York City Ballet. Her dancing career ended abruptly when she was stricken with polio in Copenhagen during the company’s European tour in 1956. Eventually regaining most of the use of her arms and torso, she remained paralyzed from the waist down for the rest of her life.

Girls Night Out!

And you thought a night out with the girls was tame! Could be a wedding – bachelorette party or hen(s) night, depending where you are located.
Origin unknown.

A & M

Self Portrait

Ballet dancer Sylvie Guillem self-portrait for Vogue 2001



Burlesque Diva

Dita von Teese photographed by Ken Marcus



Lili St Cyr with an S.P.W. (Strategically Placed Weapon)