At the Barre

Resolution for 2018 – use the barre more! Nothing like exercise at the barre. (Origin of gif unknown).

Dancing Santa

Origin unknown.

Burlesque Diva

Dancer, striptease artist & actress Lili St Cyr

Dancing Free

Origin unknown but we all understand the feeling!
It’s summer!

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La Vie Parisienne

Les Doleance De Dame Nature – Chéri Hérouard 1920

Fleur des Neiges – Joseph Kuhn-Régnier 1922

Armand Vallée 1927


Gypsy Wedding photographed by Lucien Clergue 1965

At the Movies

Ann-Margret – The Swinger 1966



Raisa Strelnikova

Raisa Strelnikova

Former Russian ballerina and current fitness model.