Femdom Cuckold

Dating Emma by Safewordignored


Confessions of a Cuckold

Clive discovers his wife with another man and soon finds himself drawn deeply by his own needs into a voyeuristic world as he submits to his own and his wife’s desires and, ultimately, her control.

Although a story of subtle domination, this tale is somewhat different from the usual themes. It traces the discovery of man as he find he has been cuckolded but likes it!


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Chaste Cuckold

The Chaste Cuckold

Chelsea and James fall into a Dominant/submissive relationship that escalates slowly over time.

At first, it is light play and then, when they semi-retire, James willingly becomes submissive to Chelsea 24/7. Over time, Chelsea introduces a chastity belt and then moves to restrict orgasms as well as removing privileges.

Step by step, James becomes more submissive and Chelsea more controlling and dominant. It is inevitable for James that his cuckold fantasy becomes reality!


The Chaste Cuckold – Available for immediate download from the bookshop!


Cuckold Reality

Cuckold Reality

A love story! Roxanne and Gordon have been married for many years and Gordon had often asked (sometimes demanded) that Roxanne take control and help him live the kinky fantasies he had dreamed of.

And so, for his birthday, Gordon gets what he had wanted!

Reality can be such a bitch and, as Gordon discovers, so can Roxanne!


Cuckold Reality – Available for immediate download after purchase!


On Camera

Her Kinky Side

A shy and somewhat naive man is seduced by a cunning, dominating woman who becomes his wife.

After being trapped in a chastity belt, Barton suffers intense sexual frustration through the hands of his teasing, taunting and cruel wife, Chloe.

He is denied sex and cuckolded while forced to serve her but is always looking for escape.


Her Kinky Side – Available for immediate download after purchase!



The Ex’s Revenge – Safewordignored