Strap-On Saturday

And it’s Strap-On Saturday! Welcome!
And this is a cuckold strap-on party from Divine Bitches!

Chaste Cuckold

Origin unknown.

Group Fun


A Different Marriage. 14 Volumes of the famous extraordinary Femdom Saga available HERE
A slow moving detailed and long femdom tale of a different marriage!



Forced to Watch

Coeur 2005

The Slave Worships

She’s getting ready to go out without him? Looks a little like a hotel bathroom. Maybe his time is up? (Origin unknown).

Cuckold Love

Cuckold Love by Lucas Bertone

Clean Up!


A Different Marriage.
14 Volumes of an extraordinary Femdom Saga!
Available HERE


The Ashtray

Video here!



Beached Cuckold

I don’t know the origin of this. There does appear to be a logo in the top corner, but I can’t read it. However, I do suspect a little photoshop magic.