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Joni Mitchell and Graham Nash.

Everyone said I broke Graham Nash’s heart when our relationship ended in late 1969. But that’s not quite accurate. We both knew it was over, and it wasn’t an ugly ending. Reasons for the break are complicated, but Graham and David Crosby were becoming inseparable, which was increasingly tough on me. In late January of 1970, David asked me to sail with him on his boat, the Mayan. But when I came aboard in Jamaica in early February, no one told me that Graham would be there. It was an awkward thing to do, to put us in that position. When we reached Panama, I left, flying to San Francisco to meet my friend Penelope and start a preplanned trip to Greece.” (More)

 Bing Crosby relaxing with a newspaper during the making of the Billy Wilder film “The Emperor Waltz” (1948).