Boot Fixation

Illustration by John Willie

Wednesday: John Willie

John Willie (Coutts)

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John Willie (born John Coutts) had such an interesting life for his times. This is art for Bizzare Magazine (from the 1950’s), which he published. Astounding considering the censorship of the times.

John Coutts was born in 1902 to a British family in Singapore, but moved with his family to England in 1903, where he grew up during the Edwardian era.
It has been suggested that the restrictive fashions worn by women of that time, such as whale-bone corsets, and the constant repression of sex and sexual desire characteristic of this era, may “go some distance to explain [Willie’s] fluency in the semiotics of dress.”  He is said to have had a rather typical upbringing in a middle-class family and attended the Royal Military College, Sandhurst.

Although he was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant into the Royal Scots, Coutts was forced to resign in 1925 when he married a night-club hostess, Eveline Fisher, without the permission of his commanding officer. He migrated with his wife to Australia, where their marriage ended in divorce in 1930…(Read on)