Line Them Up, Boys!

Pretty in Pink

Origin unknown. And I’m intrigued by the objects on the bedside table!

She’s Ready!

Nice corset. I couldn’t identify her or photographer, but I do like the corset. The design is nice and the colour of the dildo reflects the corset design. Nice Touch. Of course, I am stricken with straight hair envy again! *sigh*

Nylon Tease

Gia Genevieve, wearing interesting tights!

Face Dildo

Origin unknown.

Divine Worship






Red Corset

Tillie in red! See all the pictures here!

Fresh Air

Out in the fresh air. Is it morning or twilight? Doesn’t matter, I suppose. She’s not really dressed for hiking, although, she does have boots. Not the kind of boots one usually wears when hiking but, boots!