Sissy Controlled

Vintage Femdom Art

Long Legs

Olivier Ledroit is a French comic book artist.

My Wife’s Intimate Diary

From Journal intime de ma femme (My Wife’s Diary) by French comic artist Alain Frétet.
French Original
English Translation
Worth a read.

Hentai Baby

Looks like a case of forced Paraphilic infantilism! 🙂
Artist & Origin Unknown.

Lionel, you are a fool ….

”Oh darling, would you like a glass or two of fine wine and then we might retire to our passionate love nest! You look so tired from working in that silly office job.”
Lionel, you are a fool. And you know perfectly well that if it wasn’t for the money I earn your playboy lifestyle would be over and you would be living on the streets.”
Leon Kew

Vintage Sci-Fi Art

Vintage comics art by Wally Wood
She’s either attacking the man or the monster thingy. Maybe the monster is protecting the man?


Hermiene Heinrich – Latex by Hentai Kitty