Barbara Cole

Painted Ladies – Barbara Cole.

A beautiful shot of three women in rainbow-colored tulle by photographer Barbara Cole.


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Tony Curtis, Nat King Cole, Peter Lawford & Frank Sinatra.

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Marilyn Cole Playboy Miss January 1972.
Useful Tip # 435: When reading naked, always have the fire going.

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Lily Cole photographed by Sølve Sundsbø.
Lily has appeared in at least ten films, was awarded a Double First in
History of Art at the University of Cambridge and is very good at chess.

Tuesday: 3 of 6

Lovely picture that has floated around the web for some time without any credits.
The lovely mouth belongs to Cheryl Cole (apparently, she’s famous)and was featured
on her 2013 calendar which was photographed (I think) by Sandrine Dulermo &
Michael Labica.

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Jack Cole (Jake Cole))[was an American cartoonist best known
for creating the comedic superhero, Plastic Man, and his cartoons
for Playboy magazine. He died in 1958. (Wikipedia bio)

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Lily Cole photographed by Bryan Adams for Zoo Magazine(May 2010)

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Jacquetta Wheeler, Karen Elson, Lily Cole, Lily Donaldson, and Stella Tennant photographed by the great and fabulous Mario Testino for Vogue (May 2006)



Loved this film when it came out (ages ago – 1990s?) but this is really nice. Saw it on Kinkerbelle so, being me, stole it! (Sure Kinkerbelle won’t mind!) Some of the scenes a bit “blokey” orientated (males idea of what lesbians do) but the combination of sensuality with music is very nice.