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Gypsy Wedding photographed by Lucien Clergue 1965


Lucien Clergue

Lucien Clergue was born in Arles, France. At the age of 7 he began learning to play the violin, and after several years of study his teacher admitted that he had nothing more to teach him.

Clergue was from a family of shopkeepers and could not afford to pursue further studies in a college or university school of music, such as a conservatory.

In 1949, he learned the basics of photography. Four years later, at a corrida in Arles, he showed his photographs to Spanish painter Pablo Picasso who, though subdued, asked to see more of his work. (Read more)

Monday: 2 of 6

Monday: 2 of 6

Lucien Clergue – les Germanopratines

Sunday: 4 of 6

Coco at Montparnasse, Paris – from Nus de la Ville series, 1975 by photographer Lucien Clergue.