Interview: Irene Clearmont, FemDom Author

1. It is not often I talk to other writers and not at all to other writers of Female Domination fiction. Itโ€™s a great pleasure, therefore, to spend a little time with author, Irene Clearmont!
Welcome, Irene. First of all, a little about yourself?


At fifty three years of age I have reached a ‘certain’ age where I can still consider myself /not/ to be old! Experienced, mature, yes! I was brought up in North Yorkshire, England, in the rather smoky industrial atmosphere of the North East and did not move away until I was about twenty-five. From there I moved to southern England and then worked abroad since nineteen ninety.

I speak fluent German and Italian as well as the English that is my mother tongue. A touch of Russian and Polish that I learned while I worked there. Continue reading