Christmas Time – 2013 Christmas Book.

It’s that time of the year again and time for my Christmas story.

What happens if you invent the perfect chastity belt with a built in timer?
The invulnerable belt that cannot be removed before the time and date recorded in the timer opens the belt?
Nothing could go wrong with that, could it?

A light hearted chastity belt seasonal story.

(15,000 words €7.25)

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Cherry was reading in the sitting room, a glass of wine on the coffee table and music playing softly in the background when I burst in.

β€˜I’ve done it!’ I proudly proclaimed, waving the silver object in my hand around in an airy but emphatic circle.

β€˜Done what, darling?’ Cherry asked with a bemused expression.

β€˜I’ve invented the perfect male chastity belt!’

She smiled broadly at my enthusiasm but was clearly puzzled.

β€˜A what?’

β€˜A male chastity belt!’

β€˜It seems a strange thing to spend the last two weeks on.’ Continue reading