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The latest Christmas book (Merry Christmas, Darling) and the previous Christmas Tales ( Christmas Eve & Christmas with Megan) in one special Christmas offer, perfect for those who have not read the previous Christmas books!

All three books available for €21.00 which is a saving of €3.10!

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 Christmas Eve Preview

Christmas with Megan Preview


Christmas Eve (Preview)

Christmas Eve is available now.

Eve has her younger husband in chastity for a week or two as part of their ongoing D/s games. Eve suggests a game, her variation on the twelve days of Christmas. Each day, Ray will perform 11 tasks until Christmas Eve. If he carries out each task to Eve’s satisfaction, Ray will receive a special reward on Christmas Eve! (Novel 32,308 words)


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Emma and I have been married for nine years. I was twenty-eight years of age on our wedding day while Emma was thirty-three. Not much of an age difference but, at times, that difference seemed to matter to Emma more than it did to me.

She impressed me the first time we met and it did not take long for me to be absolutely smitten by her, as Emma was not like any other woman I had dated.

I know that Emma could not be described as beautiful. Her face is somewhat angular and, on occasions, looked a little tired. However, her figure is devastatingly sexy but that was not the reason I was so smitten.

What was it that made me fall hopelessly in love with her?

It was so simple. Continue reading