Christmas Gift

Red Dress, Red Bottom!

Happy Holidays

I wish everyone the very best for the season and for the New year. Thank you for supporting me during 2017 and I hope you receive all you desire for the season.
Perhaps we humans may be kinder to each other in the coming year and put aside bigotry and hate. The world would be a better place if we replace hate with love and replace bigotry with a philosophy of live and let live.
The amazing photo is by Alex Suloev and titled Infinity. It shows just how small humans are in the universe and that we should really stick together!

Christmas Lights

Origin unknown.

Funny Festive Season

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Glenn McCoy

Origin unknown.

Christmas can be stressful! (origin of cartoon unknown)


Origin unknown.

Morning Swim

Members of the Plymouth Ladies and 7 o’clock Regulars Swimming Club arrive on motorbikes for their swim on Christmas morning, 1921.

Driving Music

Vintage Christmas

Virginia Grey posing for a Christmas publicity shot in the 1940’s.