Sensual Mystery

Howard Chaykin, American comic book artist and writer.
This illustration is a mystery. What is she holding? Has she left a lipstick imprint on something? Or is it a compact mirror showing the viewer is a woman? Interesting.

Lesbian Domination

Betty & Koko

Betty Boop and Koko the Clown by Howard Chaykin


Howard Chaykin

Howard Chaykin.

Chaykin is an American comic book writer and artist famous for his innovative storytelling and sometimes controversial material.

In 1976, Chaykin landed the job of drawing the Marvel Comics adaptation of the first Star Wars film, written by Roy Thomas. This proved successful for Marvel, but Chaykin left after ten issues to work in more adult and experimental comics, as well the more lucrative field of paperback book covers. (Read more)

Thursday: 1 of 6

Gayle sent me this lovely creation!
From the comic Satellite Sam, written by Matt Fraction and illustrated by Howard Chaykin.
Thanks Gayle.