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Sandra Chang.

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Lovely work from Sandra Chang. There is an interview I conducted with Sandra on this blog.

Sandra Chang has accomplished so much. A recent interview with her revealed she is a woman of many talents!

Interview with Sandra Chang

Sandra Chang is the creator, writer and artist of such comic books as Akemi, Sheedeva, Achilles Storm, Sin Metal Sirens and other Eros X-rated Anthologies.Β  An interesting artist with a great talent and have been an admirer for such a long time.Β  We chatted for quite a while about art, comics, life and martial arts!

First, Sandra, a little background. Where do you live and work? Where were you born?
I live and work in Los Angeles. I was born in Kingston, New York.

When did you discover you have a talent for art? How did you develop your skills?
As a young child, I was very vocal and would drive my mother crazy by incessantly crying. My mother was exasperated with my tantrums and one day, (I think I must have been three years old), drew three princesses and taped them on the wall. She told me to copy them. I remember drawing them and ever since them, I loved art.
I think I won my first art contest at four years old. It was a mother’s day contest and I won first prize. I remember wanting to buy toys with that money, but they got me a pink coat. I was Continue reading

Sandra Chang

Sandra is very talented and I certainly enjoy her style and her work. I would like to see her do more dominant work but the work on her site is all very good.
Visit Sandra here.