The Nose

Jean-Pierre Ceytaire
In 1986 he quit his job as a physical therapist in order to pursue his artistic impulses. Although categorized mostly as erotic art, his work builds on themes from religious art.

Erotic Oral Art

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Jean-Pierre Ceytaire

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Jean-Pierre Ceytaire grew up on the bottom of the hill Monmartre, Paris. His youth was not an easy one. Suffering from dysgraphia, dyslexia and a selective memory combined with an extensive imagination; he had a hard time finishing his education. If we look at his paintings we see people who seem to be at ease with themselves. Yet they seem isolated and separated from one another – as close as they are in a physical sense. They lead us gently to our own imagination, while we admire the earthly colours and shapes of these wonderful works. His website is here.