Down in the Woods

If you go down in the woods today
You’re sure of a big surprise
If you go down in the woods today
You’d better go in disguise!

Carmenica’s Musical Bonus
And, BTW, I really, really dislike those shoes!
(Origin of photo unknown)

At the Movies

Don’t you hate it when people make noises at the movies? People are trying to watch the film, you know!
Carmenica’s Musical Bonus
(Origin of gif unknown)

Monkey Business

Marcello Dudovich
I have only one question ‚Äď who keeps a pet monkey and allow it to roam the house?
Carmenica’s Musical Bonus

Popsicle Toes

If he has intentions beyond her feet, he should shave first!
Source: Leg Sex
Carmenica’s Musical Bonus

Catwoman Triumphant!

That’s the only type of Batman movie I would go and see! Not a fan of blockbuster superhero type waste of time movies. However, I did have secret fantasies about Catwoman when I was younger. Those reruns were funny.
Carmenica’s Vintage Bonus


Ah, summertime! The living is certainly easier! Carmenica’s Musical Bonus
Origin of gif unknown.

Beach Bum

A barely there swimsuit. Probably an incredibly expensive swimsuit as well. You know, it might be easier going to a nude beach? No fashion pressure on a nude beach. Well, except for ear rings. And bracelets. Nail polish. Standard of manicure & pedicure. Beach bag. Towel … Forget it. Fruit cocktail on the patio sounds far more appealing.
Carmenica’s Musical Bonus

Untitled Tease

Not Just A Kiss

Not sure where this is from but it is nice. If you remember Katy Perry‚Äôs ‚Äústraight girl dared to kiss‚ÄĚ routine, you may enjoy the rebuttal. Carmenica‚Äôs Music Bonus