Wicked Stepmother

World Wide Web Humiliation

Razornick obtains photographs and converts them to cartoons using software.


Sissy Wanker by Nequissimus
Carmenica’s Interview

Lionel, you are a fool ….

”Oh darling, would you like a glass or two of fine wine and then we might retire to our passionate love nest! You look so tired from working in that silly office job.”
Lionel, you are a fool. And you know perfectly well that if it wasn’t for the money I earn your playboy lifestyle would be over and you would be living on the streets.”
Leon Kew

Mistress Helga

Mistress Helga has trained her Sissy’s well and loves to display how disciplined they behave by Kimberly Wilder

The Key



Parsifal 8 by Kami Tora

Pegging Cartoon

Artist Unknown.