Carlo was a French spanking artist and illustrator of many spanking and BDSM novels in the 1930s. He always worked in black and white.

Most of Carlo’s art is woman spanking art (F/F, M/F and /F). The ladies in Carlo’s art almost always wear Stiletto heels, typical of BDSM/shoe fetishism, and also often tight laced corsets and/or stockings. Carlo’s style was a precursor to that of John Willie.

Carlo also contributed to the magazine Humour under the name Charléno.

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The mysterious French fetish artist known only as ‘Carlo’. Carlo’s illustrations themselves are very well-known in the world of vintage fetish. His strong sadomasochistic images and bondage-themed drawings adorned erotic magazines and the covers of naughty novels.

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More ornate and complicated bondage in art by Carlo.

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