Mistress in Charge

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Vintage Caning Art

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Walking my Baby …

We go along harmonizing a song,
Or I’m reciting a poem.
Owls go by and they give me the eye,
Walking my baby back home.

(Walking my Baby back home – Ahlert & Turk)
Source of picture unknown

BDSM Art from 1936

Illustration for Mlle Cinglade (1936) by Marilac (Mario Laboccetta)

Historical Fetish Art

Another illustration created for L’Infernale Dominatrice (J.Van Styk) 1935

Vintage Femdom Cover Illustration

Training Camp illustrated by Gene Bilbrew as ENEG. He also used the pseudonym Van Rod

Vintage BDSM

Jim (aka: German Jim)


Couldn’t discover the origins of this.
Somewhat annoying as it looks familiar!