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Friday: Post 2 of 6 – Erotic Art

The artist is Candra (on DeviantArt) and this work is called “Jessica’s Makeover”.
Okay, I know this is a fantasy and it is terribly well drawn but would love to know how that wispy cloth stays on her breasts like that! How much tape or glue is required?
The battered restroom looks like the toilets at those old ecstasy rave parties. Those parties were usually held in unofficial sites like old warehouses. The only way you could go to the loo was if your girlfriends guarded the doors! And you had to hover over the toilet itself, if you were lucky to find a reasonably clean one! The wily girls brought loo paper in their handbags! Things we went through just to dance!

 This delightful piece of art is by Candra who has a gallery on DeviantArt. The link to DeviantArt is in my “Friends” list.


“Ladies of the Night” by Candra who is from Russia and has a gallery on DeviantArt. The link to DA is in the “Friends” list. When at DA,  simply search for Candra!