Strap-On Selfie

Origin unknown.

Retro Mood Porn Star

Bonnie Bellotti in a retro porn star mode. See all the pictures here!

Strap-On Selfie #1

Strap-On Selfie # 2

Origin unknown.


A pic to share! Proof for her girlfriends that her hubby really does go down!
(Artist & origin unknown)


I understand selfies. I really do. I have taken a few myself. What I don’t understand is the urge to show the world the mess you live in! Why include distracting items in the shot (shoes, rope etc) when you want to show the world the strap-on, the naked male bum and your new purple hair (which clashes with the rouge lingerie BTW).
And what is that on his ankle? If it’s a sock, take the thing off! Maybe it’s one of those electronic ankle bracelets? (origin of photo unknown)

Capturing the Moment


There is a little bit of Worship Wednesday in this as well!
Wonderful femdom art from Yumine Guo
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She’s posing for the camera with a pretty smile! He, on the other hand, only has eyes for her!
Source: Evil Angel