Recording his Efforts

Source: Pornartblr

Ready When You Are, Mr Director!

I’m ready for my close up, Mister DeMille
(Origin of photo unknown.)

Another Selfie

Origin unknown.
It would be nice to see some originality in these countless chastity selfies!

Keyholder Selfie

Origin unknown.


Photograph by Sophie Merlo.
I rather like the deceptive simplicity of this photograph. A minimalist landscape, a chair more at home in a dining room and the camera is turned on us. Is it a self-portrait of Sophie? Is it a portrait of us? Thoughtful.



Strap-On Saturday

Just a quick glance to make sure the camera is working! Just another memory of Strap-On Saturday! (Origin unknown)

Mirror on the Wall …

And who’s taking the photograph? (Origin unknown)

Lookout Facebook!

Posted on Facebook? More data/information for Mark Zuckerberg to make another few billion dollars from!
My partner and I left Facebook in 2017 and haven’t looked back. It was a conscious decision based on time wasting and the disturbing fact Zuckerberg and his gang were making billions off personal data and personal preferences. Everyone pays for using Facebook – it is just not an obvious transaction!
BTW Origin of pic unknown.

Strap-On Selfie

Origin unknown.