Chastity & Strap-On

Femdom Camera

Ballet Class

Humiliation art by Voloh.
When I was attending ballet classes many years ago, there were no boys. Of course, when I danced in a company there was a rather tall ballerino. Some of the girls would joke they would get nose bleeds during a lift in Pas de Deux. No nosebleeds for me but he was very tall.

Ready for the Camera

Attributed to Leone Frollo
With the camera and her smile, I wonder if she is meant to be Bettie Page?

Self Portrait

Nobuyoshi Araki in action.

Photographic Sex

A little sexy fun. (Origin unknown).





She Can’t Help Herself

Recording his Efforts

Source: Pornartblr

Ready When You Are, Mr Director!

I’m ready for my close up, Mister DeMille
(Origin of photo unknown.)