Teased in a cage! Source: Submissed

Cage Boredom?

He does seem a little bored!
Source: Submissed

Caged Cuckold

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Strap-On Mistress


Femdom Art

Femdom Studio



It was toward the end of the 21st Century that global warming had a huge impact on the restructuring of the social hierarchy within what remained of the affluent West. As many jobs and services that were once performed by CO2 emitting machines have now been handed back to human hands, a new class of slaves emerged.

Slaves are purchased by the Aristocrats to provide the comforts of life such as operating fans to keep their owners cool, to assist with their owners personal grooming and, in more and more cases, to provide debauched entertainment for the bored Aristocrats.

Joseph, a Worker, finds his marriage to the beautiful Aristocrat Cassandra fails and he is soon ruthlessly discarded. Fate puts him in the hands of the authorities and then into slavery where he is callously modified to serve the decadent needs of his new owners.


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