The Buster Nolan Scenes


Synopsis: Tommy “Buster” Nolan thought he could control everyone, even when he was paying for a Domme to dominate him.
Then, a foolish bet with Pepper Collins, the Domme, puts him in a situation where he really loses control and has to endure terrible humiliation!
He has to face his old enemy and, at the same time, learns to face himself!
(FemDom, chastity belt, humiliation, exhibitionism, cage, bondage, forced femme)


Excerpt 1.

 Tommy “Buster” Nolan was a self-made man.  In the midst of the I.T. bubble, the media called him a genius. According to some of the people who worked on the team that developed the famous “Buster Anti-Virus” software, Tommy Nolan was a typical geek who had no ability to communicate with anyone on a reasonable and polite basis. Continue reading