Worship Wednesday: 6 of 6

The bride chose Worship Wednesday for the summer wedding for a particular reason.

Still, not the most flattering of photographs and one that probably should not make it into the public wedding album.

Friday: 2 of 6

A FemDom wedding by Sorenut. No bridal gown for the glowing bride? Could have spent a little more on the bride as they are saving money on the attire of the groom.

Friday: 5 of 6

Romantic (and educational for some) photograph by Andrejs Zavadskis who has a gallery on DeviantArt.

Tuesday: 6 of 6

Worship Wednesday: 6 of 6

Is she a bride? A wedding on Worship Wednesday! How romantic!
And I have resisted making some awful pun about “Here comes the bride!” I am so disciplined!

Thursday: Post 1 of 6

A novel approach to walking down the aisle! Here comes the bride. On her husband’s back! Wedding FemDom art from Old Man Equine.