Slow Sunday: 4 of 6

Lovely photograph from Paul Howell, a New Zealand photographer.

Tuesday: 4 of 6

Beautiful photograph from Tara Beth (found on Lesbian Weddings).
Also found this wedding video, possibly the best I have ever seen!

Thursday: 2 of 6

Black and white version of the BHLDN Chantilly Romper. Very nice. Go to
BHLDN if you want to see the colour version.

Sunday: 5 of 6

Another stunning bridal gown from Berta Winter 2014 Bridal Collection.
This is nice but think I prefer the dress posted last Tuesday.

Tuesday: 2 of 6

This exquisite handmade long-sleeved lace and chiffon bridal gown which
features a sheer lace bodice, an open back style and a timeless golden belt,
is part of Berta Winter 2014 Bridal Collection. Can’t tell you the names of the
model or photographer.

Friday: 5 of 6