Berlin by Marianne Breslauer 1930’s

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Marianne Breslauer was a German photographer during the Weimar Republic.
Marianne was a close friend of the Swiss writer, journalist and photographer Annemarie Schwarzenbach, whom she met through Ruth Landshoff and whom she photographed many times. She described Annemarie (who died in 1942 at the young age of 34) as: “Neither a woman nor a man, but an angel, an archangel“.
In 1933 they travelled together to the Pyrenees to carry out a photographic assignment for the Berlin photographic agency Academia. This led to Marianne’s confrontation with the anti-Semitic practices then coming into play in Germany. Her employers wanted her to publish her photos under a pseudonym, to hide the fact that she was Jewish. She refused to do so and left Germany. However, her photo Schoolgirls won the “Photo of the Year” award at the “Salon international d’art photographique” in Paris in 1934. (Read more)

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Self-Portrait of Marianne Breslauer (1933)