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Broken Flowers

Girdle & Stockings

Bill Brandt 1975

Bill Brandt

Bill Brandt.

Brandt, was a British photographer and photojournalist. Although born in Germany, Brandt moved to England, where he became known for his images of British society for such magazine as Lilliput and Picture Post, later his distorted nudes, portraits of famous artists and landscapes.

He is widely considered to be one of the most important British photographers of the 20th century. (Read more)

Hearts Desire.

Once again, Giesma (the magical catalyst for gender change from Other Shoes) makes a reappearance.
However, this time, he appears in the period immediately following the Second World War.
A light romantic TG tale set in a bygone era.


When I used to think back to my childhood in the North, I saw the scenes of that old life in dark shades of grey and, sometimes, stark black and white. As far as my memories were concerned, any flash of colour in that life was, seemingly, non-existent. Continue reading