Still a Sad Loss

David Bowie – Photo by Helmut Newton, Monte Carlo, 1983.

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Iman Bowie & Jerry Hall wearing black fur for the 1982 Paris Spring Collections
for Vogue, photographed by Norman Parkinson.

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David Bowie, Marion Cotillard  and Gary Oldman in the video for The Next Day.

The video was directed by Floria Sigismundi – the photographer and filmmaker  – who has directed Bowie before. She also directed The Runaways and the video for Justin Timberlake’s “Mirrors”.
Bowie and Oldman previously joined forces in 1995, when they recorded a duet of Bowie’s “You’ve Been Around” for guitarist Reeves Gabrels’ album The Sacred Squall Of Now. They worked together again in 1996 on the Jean-Michel Basquiat biopic Basquiat with Bowie portraying Andy Warhol and Oldman in the role of a fellow painter loosely based on Julian Schnabel.

Drowsy Sunday: 1 of 6

“Had to get the train
From Potzdamer platz
You never knew that
That I could do that Just walking the dead

Sitting in the Dschungel
On Nurnberger strasse
A man lost in time near KaDeWe
Just walking the dead

Where are we now?
Where are we now?
The moment you know
You know, you know”
(David Bowie)

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David Bowie from Esquire (Russia), April 2010. Photographed by Gavin Evans. Such a stylish man!

Why men don’t embrace fashion and style is a puzzle. Still, there isn’t much hope when many men can’t even be bothered to clean their shoes!

When meeting a man, where do women look first? No, not there! First, the eyes followed by a glance at the shoes (polished or unpolished, ugly sneakers or stylish boots) and the eyes move upward. First impressions count!

Friday: Post 4 of 6 – Kulturschlag

David Bowie, photographed by Helmut Newton, Monte Carlo, 1983

Sunday: Post 5 of 8 – Kulturschlag

Oh, David, what were you thinking? David & Iman Bowie in the worst swimwear I have seen! And was he auditioning for a role in ‘An Officer and a Gentleman’? He is usually so stylish and has an almost feminine approach to dressing and fashion. Oh David, don’t you know the past always comes back to haunt you?