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Cover illustration by Enoch Bolles for Film Fun Magazine February, 1942.

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Enoch Bolles (1924)

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Officially Summer Thursday: Post 8 of 8 – Erotic Art

She seems happy and why not? Itโ€™s summer, sheโ€™s at the beach and she has a rugged man between her thighs! Wonderful summery vintage art by art by Enoch Bolles from the 1930โ€™s.

Friday:4 of 6 – Erotic Art

This wonderful piece is by Enoch Bolles (created circa 1943, perhaps the last professional work he published). Psychological problems ended Bolles professional career in 1943 and confined him to hospital for most of the rest of his life, but he continued to paint commissioned portraits and for personal pleasure. He was eventually discharged from hospital in 1969, and died from heart failure at the age of 93.