Finally finished A Delicate Balance! It will be published soon after 5 years! Yes, it has been revised and completed! Out soon!

Have you investigated the tag cloud? It’s interesting to examine the tags used. The 50 most popular tags is also interesting.

Mailing List

A quick note regarding the mailing list.

We have now brought the mailing list in-house and book updates are delivered via this site.

However, the system that is used automatically deletes addresses when the email bounces. So, if your internet provider limits mail, or your mailbox was full so delivery is prevented, your email address is automatically deleted from the list.

You can subscribe at any time here and you will receive an email when a new book is updated or there is a special available in the bookshop.

The email list is private and not given to any other organisations. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Coments, Twitter and Stuff.

You may notice that you now cannot leave a comment on posts older than a year.

This blog receives over 1,000 attempted spam a day and most try on the old posts. To try to stop the amount, no commenting on posts a year or more older.

At the urging of some, have joined Twitter (again) and nice to see some of you are following me.  Have just been resending posts but will now also add a few more “Tweets”.

Tried to tweet a photo while I was away but didn’t work. Apparently my mobile was not set up for it (according to one who knows all the technology stuff) 🙂 Anyway, she fixed it but the moment had passed.

My Twitter profile is here.

Phil sent me the link to Pussy Energy Drinks! “the Drink’s pure! It’s your mind that’s the problem!” 🙂  Had to happen sooner or latter!


Email Problems

It seems I have a problem with my email and have not received all mail for the past 2 weeks. Mail I have also sent has not been received.

Apologies if it seemed as if I was ignoring you but the problem is being looked at now.


Things have settled down after my holidays so I thought it would be timely to let you know what I am working on.

The fourth and final book of the Procurement series is underway and, hopefully, will be completed this month for publication in December.

This month will see the release of further Secret Desires episodes and, possibly, a new TG story.

My editor and I are working on consolidating some of the Femdom series into one book.  Slowly, most of the series will be consolidated into one or, at the most, two volumes.

This is not just tidying things up (and revising in some cases) but to enable more space in the digital delivery service that we use to download volumes.

Richard has done a great deal of work correcting my mistakes while I was away so we should be able to begin changing those books soon. The first consolidation will be The Star Society.

He does a great job (as usual) as I am quite messy to work with.

After completing Procurement, the aim is to complete Secret Desires and Tales of Aswin.

A Note.

Have received quite a few emails asking me about Aswin and Procurement as well as Secret Desires. All wanting to know when the next book will be released and what I am working on.

To be honest, I haven’t been working on a lot. Luckily, the blog queue is so far ahead I don’t have to worry about it.

A few weeks ago, received some sad news which, quite frankly, knocked me badly. Life does that to you, doesn’t it?

Writing and this blog are just small slivers of my life – I have other things that are important to me – and, to be honest, I have thought about ceasing the blog and releasing the books on my blog a lot  over the past few weeks.
Be warned. Like life, this blog and all the books could vanish tomorrow.

Anyway, I understand there are many of you that are waiting for new episodes of some books but, I’m afraid you will have to wait a little longer.
However, the next edition of Secret Desires will be released soon. I wrote that some time ago so that is ready to go.

Have been in a bad place the past few weeks.  It’s always hard when you lose someone that you care about. Anyway, I am finally taking a step forward. We will see how it goes.

Blog News from Elaine, Webmistress.

In order to make the blog more friendly for tablets, Carmenica’s comments/descriptions of each picture will now appear below the picture as well as “floating”. Most tablets can’t pick up the comments in the current format. This will occur from Carmenica’s next scheduled posts – at three PM CentralEuropean time. I’m in another time zone!)

For a while, both the “floating/pop up box” and the comments under the picture will continue together until March 10 when the floating box will vanish.

Unfortunately, comments on previous posts won’t appear in tablets. Updating old posts would take forever!

What will happen, (from March 10), when the “Carmenica thought you might like this” post is selected, that post will be altered to the new format.

It’s a bit messy but more and more people are using tablets when visiting the blog and we want to give everyone the whole experience!

Carmenica is happy as it means she will be able to write more about pictures if the mood takes her! (Not sure if that’s a good thing or not! 🙂  )

On another front, you may have noticed that some ebooks are now available in the EPUB format and also distributed through iBookstore and other places.

Drop me an email if you have any suggestions for improving the blog experience!

News & Gossip

Have been away so thought a quick update might be the thing.

Firstly, the www.carmenicadiaz.com address has now been permanently transferred to www.carmenicadiaz.net. The Dot Com address should take you to the front page of Dot Net.

However, if you bookmarked www.carmenicadiaz.com/blog, your bookmark will fail. Might be an idea to check and update your bookmarks.

As far as writing is concerned, my editor has just returned the first draft of “A Different Marriage – March” so that will be published very soon. Have received many emails re this next book so know many are looking forward to it.

Have also begun a new series entitled “New Rome”. The first volume in this book has been finished and will be sent to the editors when I find the energy. 🙂

Recently, I was interviewed for an alternative radio program when I visited another city. It wasn’t much of an interview, hardly in-depth but have roughly translated it if you are interested in seeing it. It does answer some questions people have written to me about.

If there is interest, will post the script/transcription (whatever you call it)  🙂

Please let me know if there is interest to read this.

If you have not already done so, please change your book marks to www.carmenicadiaz.net and www.carmenicadiaz.net/blog and not the  .com addresses.

There may be some problems soon with the dot com address. The correct address for the front page of the site is www.CarmenicaDiaz.net.